Procek (/ˈprɔ.t͡sɛk/)
Entrepreneur, Programmer, Hacker, Scientist


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When you create a product from start to finish, you don't lose control over it.

Therefore, you can solve problems that for others are unmovable,

So the user can do their own thing.

That's why I co-founded Nigriv

Together with the team,

we create a safe haven,

whose lighthouse light

will fill you with pride and hope,

even in the darkest night.

Projects programmed by me

I conduct cybersecurity audits at a client's site. With a laptop at hand, I try to attack the local network and point out vulnerabilities.

I created a service that protects users' mailboxes. What is important: it is an automatic service.

Badam ciemne zakątki Internetu. Jeśli dane klientów wyciekły, możemy reagować od razu.

Projects under my supervision

I conduct technical support at clients, because the groundwork doesn't stop at a single audit.

If it's very bad, you have to put everything back in place before maintenance of network services can take place. An additional problem is doing everything on the fly so that the company can conduct normal business.

Your company has been hacked? Write to contact(monkey) as soon as possible.